PRS Mark Tremonti "II" signature model

The original PRS Tremonti signature model was a fantastic guitar for sure, but as Mark's playing progressed, so did his taste in guitars evolve. He confessed that he had been shaving down the necks of his Tremonti models to make them thinner and more accessible. He had also begun experimenting with (and had gotten quite good at) use of tremolo bars. So, hot on the heels of the Gibson lawsuit, Paul Reed Smith responded by creating an updated model of the Tremonti signature guitar, the Tremonti "II".

Naturally, the Tremonti "II" is similar to the original Tremonti model. However, it features a thinner (wide-thin) neck, and an up-routed floating bridge. Furthermore the guitar is available in many more finishes, and the 12th-fret Mark Tremonti inlay has been replaced by the standard PRS bird inlay. (A Mark Tremonti logo is found on the truss rod cover.)

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