Mark's Equipment

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PRS Mark Tremonti "II" signature model
PRS Mark Tremonti signature model
PRS Tremonti SE
Taylor 614ce
Taylor K-12

Bad Cat Hot 100
Bogner Shiva head
Bogner Uberschall head
Diezel VH4 head
Fender Twin Reverb 1965 Reissue 2x12
Johnson Millennium JM150
Marshall 1968 Plexi Superlead
Mesa/Boogie 4x12 Rectifier cabinet
Mesa/Boogie custom 2x15 cabinet
Mesa/Boogie Heartbreaker
Mesa/Boogie Road King
Mesa/Boogie Triple Rectifier Solo head
Rivera Knucklehead
Tone King Meteor
Two-Rock amp

Effects Pedals
Bradshaw Switching System
Ibanez Tube Screamer TS9
Klon Centaur
Morley Mark Tremonti Power Wah
MXR EVH Phase 90
T-REX MAB Overdrive
T-REX Replica Delay
T-REX Tremonti Phaser
Voodoo Lab Ground Control Pro

Rack Equipment
Furman AR-1215 AC Line Voltage Regulator
GCX Guitar Audio Switcher
Mesa/Boogie Amp switcher
Mesa/Boogie Simul-Class 2:Ninety
Palmer PGA-05 ADIG-ST
Soldano Space Box
Something with the Alter Bridge logo
T-REX MAB Overdrive
T-REX Replica Delay
TC Electronic G-Force

Monitor Rig
Avalon U5 Direct Box/Preamp
Behringer Ultracurve Pro DEQ2496
Crown Macro-Tech 3600VZ Power Amp
Digitech MSP-4
Furman AR-Pro AC Line Voltage Regulator
Lexicon MPX-1 Stereo Effects Processor
Mackie 1604-VLZ3 Mixer