Mark Tremonti debunks Creed myths on 'Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction'


Mark Tremonti has just debunked a series of long-perpetuated myths about Creed in Loudwire's "Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction".  Tremonti features as the latest guest on this YouTube segment in which musicians are asked to verify the contents of their Wikipedia pages.  You can check out the video below, but here are some of the highlights:

  • Creed was never named Naked Toddler.  While trying to determine their name for one night's show, they saw a newspaper headline, "Naked Toddler Found in Bush", and merely joked about using the name.
  • 14 record labels did not pass on giving Creed a record deal before they signed with Wind-up; in reality the number was much lower, and included Atlantic Records and Cherry Universal.
  • Scott Stapp did not write the "Higher" lyrics about lucid dreaming.  In fact, the main anthem was improvised during a pre-My Own Prison gig.  The band used to record all of their shows, and later finished writing the song after going back and listening to the recording.
  • Mark and Brian Marshall never came to blows over Brian's substance abuse.  However, Scott Stapp and Brian did fight once.

Mark also mentions that the band had been working on writing their fifth album while on tour.  One day during lunch, Scott approached Mark about their schedule for the following year.  Mark mentioned that Alter Bridge were planning to reconvene, and Scott, disappointed, stopped speaking to Mark.